EARTHDOG is a non-competitive performance event offered to breeders and owners of small Terriers, Dachshunds and Schnauzers for the purpose of measuring their dogs’ natural aptitude and abilities to hunt underground.  The sport dates back to when man needed more control over vermin to improve the environment and reduce the risk of disease carried by such creatures.  The name Terrier is derived from the 15th century Anglo-French terrer, literally earth dog from the French word for earth and terra from its Latin base.

   The program begins with a basic introduction to den work with live quarry (caged and protected behind wooden bars) and progresses through gradual steps, requiring the dog to demonstrate that he is able and willing to perform the required tasks including seeking it’s quarry and then locating and working it underground.  The difficulty and obstacles increase with each level.  Levels Junior, Senior and Master are AKC titling classes with Intro To Quarry being the entry level, non-titling class.

   Both canines and humans enjoy the day in the woods, working together towards perfecting the dog’s skills.