​​Greater Boston Area Earthdog Clubis based in Gardner MA at the Gardner Fish and Gun Club.  Our season is from May to September with two Trial weekends and a practice each month.  We have hosted a Barn Hunt for the past 5 years and are looking into other fun things to do between Earthdog events.

If you are in the New England area and are interested in joining our Earthdog Club, come to one of our events or practices or Email: John Parker  (peanutlcp@aol.com) for more information.

Please look through our website.  Checkout our Calendar for Events and practices and pictures of our club members and guests having fun with their four footed buddies!  Membership Application is in the Files section.

Brody and Reggie's hunt up au naturale!!

~Photo by

Judge Joe Mazur


MARCH 21, 2020




!!! Scent Work Trial !!!!

October 27

The  Premium is posted in the Files Section.

​2019 Schedule is in Events Page.

​Stay tuned for more updates.


Earth Dog Judge's seminar

      November 9

      Scent Work Trial

   Saturday  October 27


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The Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club invites you and your dog to come try Earthdog at our Training Days!

 The Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club (GBAEC.net) will be hosting Earthdog Training Days.  You don't have to be a member of the GBAEC to participate.  There is no charge to come and play!

     This is an opportunity to try out earth dog for the first time, to work on the "next level" before a trial, or to hone your and your dog's skills and improve comfort levels.  All levels (Intro, Junior, Senior and Master) will be available for training.

   GBAEC members, many of whom are experienced Earthdog competitors and several are Earthdog judges, will be there to assist with training and share tips. It's a super opportunity to leverage their experience and enjoy the great outdoors with your dog.

     Breeds eligible for Earthdog are generally the shorter legged terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Dachshunds and Min Pins that can fit in the 9”h x 9”w tunnels. AKC eligible breeds can be found here: http://www.akc.org/events/earth-dog/eligible-breeds/

     2019 Training Days: May 11, June 15,  July 13 and August 3.  Start time:  8:30 AM -- running order based on first come

Location:  Gardner Fish and Gun Club  (538 Clark St, Gardner, MA 01440)

Email Nancy Goldman, Training Coordinator (goldmann@mindspring.com) if you plan to come. Provide level you want to train and breed of dog.